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Our product strategy is to develop critical need premium quality products to reach people in need of affordable treatments.
PHARMACARE PREMIUM’S current high potency solid dosage form products cover a range of hormonal analogues, oncology and immune-suppressants. The product line is being expanded through a pipeline of co-development projects, as well as through an in-licensing drive.
Additionally, and in association with RI Pharma, its wholly owned subsidiary in the UK, Pharmacare Premium intends to grow its range of conventional products. Pharmacare Premium’s products are at present finding markets in Europe, Latin America and MENA where we aim to develop a network of partner distributors.
Our Current Products  (MAs in Malta, Portugal)
  • Anastrozole 1mg
  • Letrozole 2.5mg 
  • Bicalutamide 50mg
  • Bicalutamide 150mg
  • Capecitabine 150mg
  • Capecitabine 500mg
To enquire about Pharmacare Premium’s products or to express an interest in licensing or distributing the same click here to send your enquiry to our business development desk. 
Pharmacare Premium offers contract development and manufacturing for highly potent API and drug substances in tablets and capsules.
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