Pharmacare Premium Offers Ample Support to Employees’ Professional Development

Pharmacare Premium, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Malta equipped with leading technology machinery, appreciates the abundance of different points of view and cultures in our workforce. As the diversity of experts and professionals has a proven track record of success in the business world, our company culture emphasises empowering employees to contribute to our progress with their knowledge and ideas.

Pharmacare Premium’s EU-GMP-approved modern facility, with its more than a decade-long experience in Malta, is where state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-end equipment meet with a diverse workforce. We value people at our business for their knowledge, dedication, loyalty, and contributions, regardless of their cultural, racial or religious backgrounds, sexual orientation, or age.

Sharing ideas through varied experiences sparks the best innovations. Our processes continually improve thanks to our employees’ interchange of skills and different approaches—their freedom to act appropriately molds our corporate culture across building reliability and fair-mindedness. In this environment, we are able to deliver elevated levels of client focus.

We support our employees to ensure that their teams are well integrated so our people can feel valued, an absolute prerequisite for optimum performance. Our committed management team is always available to support employee engagement, ownership and individualism. Employees are always encouraged to trust their managers by asking for advice, allowing them to find solutions independently.

We also assist the professional development of our employees so that they can reach their peak performance and desired career progression. We offer business language courses to help our employees communicate effectively, and we provide appropriate training and access to qualifications when and where available. We also prioritise personal development. Regular team-building and social events help our employees immerse themselves in the local culture and society so they can fulfil their needs with extra-professional activities.

We appreciate the competition for excellent talent. To mitigate the challenging labour market environment, we have established synergies with educational intuitions to contribute to the professional development of our staff. We also engage interns from educational institutions annually and work together with their teachers and lecturers to offer opportunities to trainees who want to further their knowledge by joining our company and gaining hands-on experience.

Beyond engaging students, however, we are also willing to recruit school and college leavers, as they have the most important, up-to-date academic knowledge. By joining our company early on, they can build on their solid theoretical basis and acquire practical knowledge and skills to become excellent professionals in the long term.

At Pharmacare Premium Malta, we strive to become a quality centre of excellence for the Pharmacare family of companies,  making us one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Mediterranean and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. We rigorously commit ourselves to our core values. In our daily work, we keep to quality policies and systems, which helps us maintain ourselves as a reliable, specialised supplier of high-quality, niche generic pharmaceuticals for human consumption.


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