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PHARMACARE PREMIUM is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company located in Malta enabling it to offer unique services covering a strategic base for the development of generics and for ‘Day 1’ launch into the EU and beyond.

Established in Malta in 2010, with a considerable investment of founding energy, expertise, and resources, Pharmacare Premium boasts a state-of-the art facility, infrastructure and high-end equipment, dedicated for high potency ‘contained production’ to supply a range of therapeutic products for world markets.

Pharmacare Premium’s modern facility is an EU-GMP approved site, equipped with ‘leading technology’ machinery and equipment, which together with an expert team of industry professionals, ensure optimum and quality level of performance in delivery.

  • Modern facility
  • EU-GMP Approved site
  • Leading Technology
  • Expert Teams
  • Optimum Quality and Performance
  • Client Focused

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PHARMACARE PREMIUM is attracting growing business activity from major global clients who benefit from it being able to offer a specialised, responsive and premium service at competitive pricing.  As such Pharmacare Premium sees its growth by seeking partner clients and providers who realise ‘win-win’ benefits by engaging in product co-development, licensing, laboratory services and contract manufacturing.  

By the same token and in order to grow its product range in different markets, Pharmacare Premium seeks active distributor partners throughout both developed and emerging markets.

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